NEW catalogue of transmission and power systems!

July 28, 2022

Did you know that the use of compressed air in commercial vehicles is not exclusive of the brake and suspension system and that elements such as the gearbox or the engine also use this energy source to actuate different components?

In Cojali Parts we have a wide range of products that incorporate electronics and pneumatics into their performance to optimise the transmission and power systems of the main brands of truck and bus.

  • Some advantages of pneumatics, such as its speed of response, versatility and neatness, turn it into an optimal element for the activation of several mechanisms. 
  • Besides, the integration of electronics with sensors and solenoid valves makes it possible to control these devices in an automatised and almost immediate way.

Thanks to our experience, our offer of references for these systems has evolved until including the most innovative and demanding products for any transmission system in commercial vehicles.

DOWNLOAD NOW our catalogue of transmission and power systems and discover them! 

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