SPECIAL FEATURED PRODUCT | Compressed air management

July 19, 2022

In Cojali Parts we are professionals on the management of compressed air for braking and suspension systems.

Our products ensure optimal air quality and conditions for these critical systems to operate properly.

Today we tell you more about the importance of some of our components in the compressed air management:

  • The air dryer is responsible for removing dirt and water particles in the air that comes from the compressor.
  • After passing through the dryer, the air is circulated to the different circuits through the circuit protection valve. In addition, if a leak occurs in any of them, this valve protects the rest and prevents the complete loss of air.. 

Traditional vehicles have these valves separately, however, more modern vehicles have these two into a single module, called air processing unit.

These new modules also include electronic sensors to improve and optimise the air consumption.

Cojali Parts gives you everything necessary to manage the compressed air properly. Find that out and, if you need further information, contact us!

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