Happy International Information Security Day!

November 30, 2021

At Cojali we believe that it is vital to protect one of the most important assets of every company: information.

Today we celebrate the International Information Security Day, remarking the work carried out by several Cojali departments, such as IT Security, Board of Directors, Human Resources and Development, which work in a transversal and coordinated way in order to establish procedures that ensure the continuity of our company. This includes:

  • Defining security policies, procedures and protocols and ensuring their compliance.
  • Implementing standardised regulations for information security.
  • Preventing, detecting and analysing threats that imply a risk for our assets.
  • Reacting actively to security incidents.
  • Training, educating and raising awareness among company employees.
  • Supervising and auditing the systems that sustain information assets.

Security is an essential process for the organisation of our company. For that reason, at Cojali we are constantly working to protect the activities carried out on a daily basis, thus taking care of our clients, employees and services.

International Information Security Day
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