Happy World Quality Day!

November 11, 2021

At Cojali, we would like to highlight the strategic importance of proper quality management when developing our company's products, activities or services.


As evidence of the commitment and continuous effort to guarantee efficient management, the Quality Department of Cojali is responsible for establishing different certified quality management systems, such as those already implemented in our company (ISO 9001) and R+D+i (UNE 166002).


In addition, Cojali is currently immersed in the implementation of security (ISO 27001) and environmental (ISO 14001) management systems.


The theme selected for this year's celebration is "Sustainability: improving our products, people and planet".


In this regard, at Cojali, we are convinced that our business success depends on the construction of an environmentally sustainable business that respects our surroundings, that of our employees and customers and, in short, society as a whole.  


Nowadays, at Cojali, we are constantly working to promote continuous improvement as part of our hallmark. For all these reasons, quality is one of the essential tools for the organisation of our company.


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