April 26, 2021

Cojali celebrates its 30th anniversary, being one of the few Spanish companies exclusively dedicated to the development of technological solutions for machinery and commercial vehicles.

Cojali, the Spanish multinational dedicated to the development of electronic products and solutions for the automotive industry (commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, etc.), celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2021.

Cojali was founded in 1991 willing to become a leading company within its industry and meet the needs of repair professionals regarding the increase of technology present in the vehicles they attended because these went from having purely mechanical failures to electrical and electronic problems.

This way, under the scope of Cojali, some of the most famous brands in the market have been created during these three decades, such as Cojali, Jaltest, Jaltest Telematics or Jaltest Tools, whose objective is to provide 360º solutions to all those agents involved in the value chain: manufacturers, spare part suppliers, fleet managers, technicians, business owners, farmers, etc.

Thanks to a solid and unstoppable growth, at the moment Cojali has more than 700 employees; three subsidiaries: Cojali France, Cojali Italy and Cojali USA; and four commercial offices in Germany, Russia, Turkey and Mexico, reaching thousands of professionals with its products in more than 115 countries around the world.

The objective of the multinational is to continue offering technological products and value-added services within the industry, continue with its global expansion, providing solutions to vehicle manufacturers and boosting its distribution channel. In essence, the main objective is to be committed to new technologies as a vital part of its innovation and business strategies.

Cojali 30


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