The most common breakdowns in trucks. Everything you need to know.

The most common breakdowns in trucks. Everything you need to know.
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The professionals in the sector, especially drivers, often have to deal with limitations to address their working day due to an unexpected error or breakdown in their vehicle.

For this reason, from Cojali, we believe it is necessary that the drivers know the most common breakdowns and how to detect them in time since it is a vital aspect of their safety during the route.

Mechanical breakdowns:

Cooling systems: It consists of several elements: radiator, thermostat, fan, etc., and is responsible for keeping the appropriate temperature of the engine. The breakdowns in this system are the most common and they are related to high temperatures and the lack of a proper maintenance.Cojali is devoting significant resources to research, development and design to increase the catalogue of cooling system references, and particularly of viscous clutches references that comply with the current Euro VI antipollution regulation.

Water pump: This breakdown is related to the cooling system and it is a very common breakdown in trucks and other vehicles, especially during summer months. The water pump is the part of the truck that ensures that the coolant fluid circulates so that the engine is always at the optimum temperature to work properly.

Tyres: Another of the most common problems is the tire wearing. This is not only caused by the regular use, but is commonly associated with breakdowns in the mechanical system of the brake calliper.

Timing belt: The timing belt is a key element in the vehicle, since is responsible for synchronizing the four times of the engine: function of start-up, opening and closing of the inlet and outlet valves. In addition, it activates the oil pump, the water pump and the injector in the case of diesel engines. That is why when the timing belt is broken or damaged, irreversible damage occurs, therefore, the best option is to perform preventive maintenance according to the specification of the vehicle brand.

Breakdowns of electrical systems:

Antilock Braking System (ABS): It is a very important system to ensure the vehicle safety. However, it is one of the most common breakdowns in the electrical system. These breakdowns occur when the ABS sensors move from their housing and the electronic control system stops receiving the sinus signal. In addition, they can also stop sending signal due to metal shavings magnetized in the sensor itself. In that case, it is recommended to clean the component surface.

Comfort module: It includes systems particularly important for the comfort of the driver and the performance of their daily operation, such as the air conditioning or the radio. The air conditioning may stop working due to compressor seizure while the radio may not work properly if other electronic components are installed in the vehicle and this installation creates interferences.

Electronic braking system (EBS): The electronic brake system or EBS is another system of central importance in the vehicle. It is responsible for regulating the braking function, reaction time, ABS behaviour, etc. A breakdown implies that the position of the pedal is not transmitted correctly and the outlet pressure is not governed. In this case, it is recommended to replace the modulator. In the market, there are alternatives to the first brands, such as Cojali, which guarantee an optimal level of values for money.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): It is a relatively new system developed to help the driver maintain a safety distance from the vehicle ahead. A breakdown occurs when the radar sensor responsible for measuring that distance is damaged and it is necessary to replace it and calibrate it with a diagnosis tool.

Many of these breakdowns could be prevented with a proper care and a precise maintenance of the vehicle. Fleet management tools such as Jaltest Telematics, developed by Cojali, are able to predict through different parameters what systems could be damaged and what to do in that case before the problem may be serious and expensive.

If we want to extend the life of our truck, firstly it is important to care for the mechanical part and perform the compulsory checks and inspections; also check the electronic system in-depth with the help of advanced diagnostic tools such as Jaltest; and lastly, try to anticipate serious problems performing a proper maintenance with tools that offer predictive maintenance such as Jaltest Telematics.

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