Nuestro departamento de asistencia técnica trabaja para dar solución a cualquier duda relacionada con mecánica, electricidad o electrónica. Ponemos a tu disposición un gran número de profesionales que te indicaran de una manera fácil y guiada el mejor camino para llegar a la solución del problema. Ellos mismos se encargarán personalmente de entregarte toda la información y asesoramiento necesario.


Tu asistencia para la nueva era, sin esperas, sin horarios. i-Parts Assist es el último Servicio de Soporte para Componentes de Cojali dirigido al taller. A través de una serie de guías y videotutoriales, el taller será capaz de realizar de forma autónoma, rápida y fácil la instalación de componentes que puedan requerir reprogramación o el uso de herramientas de diagnosis. En sólo tres pasos:

1 Locate the code on the component box

2 Enter the code here: i-Parts Assist portal

3 Access all available information:

  • 安装引导
  • Technical data
  • Calibrations
  • Parameter setting
  • Reprogramming of Cojali components


In Cojali we understand training as a progress engine and therefore we have been developing and giving some of the best-considered courses of the sector for 15 years. More than 11,000 professionals from 40 different countries have benefited from our training in order to meet all needs faced in a highly competitive and ever-changing industry.

"Training, improvement and specialisation need, together with diversification, have become essential aspects in a technician’s carrier."

Our differentiation is based on the vast experience and professionality of our trainers, as well as the careful selection of the most adequate training material for technicians, where they can find electricity courses in commercial vehicles, pneumatics, engine types, gearboxes, comfort systems, trailers, agricultural vehicles, light vehicles, as well as courses for specific brands.


In Cojali we pay special attention to the direct relationship among people. For this reason, our Customer Service Department is formed by professionals that can inform you in a customised way, counsel you and find solutions so that you can take greater advantage of Cojali products in the most efficient way.

Do you have any query? Contact us

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