El desarrollo de componentes de automoción durante más de 28 años, junto a las soluciones software que ofrece Cojali, hacen la combinación perfecta para acompañar a nuestros socios y crear una oferta de productos innovadores que conformarán el futuro de la industria.

Como proveedor de confianza, captamos activamente a nuestros clientes mediante los procesos de diseño y fabricación y estamos a su completa disposición para ayudarles con sus estrategias de servicios. Gracias a nuestra amplia experiencia en la industria, estamos plenamente capacitados para asegurar la total satisfacción de clientes OEM mediante nuestros productos tecnológicos, asistencia técnica y servicios de formación.

We also offer our extensive experience in guided technical information; the best products need to be complemented by the best repair data of the industry and the best troubleshooting information available.







Highly-customisable cooling fans and clutches that regulate their speed while optimising fuel consumption and reducing noise emissions. Our bimetallic or electronically controlled clutches are designed to increase and optimise the fan speed control. Being characterised by their low maintenance, easy installation and making these products highly profitable for the customer.

Here is what supports us:

  • Our 30 years in the industry.
  • Experience and Know-How.
  • Development flexibility.
  • Use of the most innovative technology, both in manufacture and testing.


We are able to adapt our products to the customer's specific requirements. On demand design.

Wide product range

We offer a wide range of fan and clutch formats to adapt them to any application of the market.

Product flexibility

A modern layout of the production line allows us to manufacture any type of fan clutch of our portfolio, without the need for major changes. Small batches are welcome.


In Cojali, we are committed to the highest standards in product quality control. All of our clutches undergo thorough tests before being shipped to the customer.

Our product range of cooling systems includes:


Viscous electronic clutches:

Fully customisable. We cover transmission torques between 15 Nm and 350 Nm and a weight of 2 kg; a range of electric capabilities of operation of 12 or 24 volts and a range of frequency of the PWM signal from 1 to 10 Hz. We adapt the fixation of the clutch to the requirements of the customer.


Viscous bi-metallic clutches:

We cover a transmission torque from 5 Nm to 180 Nm, with weights that range from 1 kg to 6 kg and with the capabilities to adapt the fixation and specifications of the clutch to the requirements of the customer.


Fan wheels:

Large range of products with more than 200 different designs, all of them optimised for the reduction of power consumption and the reduction of noise. We cover configurations and diameters from 300 mm to 1,000 mm.

That is why the cooling systems of Cojali are adapted to the needs of the manufacturers of vehicle and machinery, being a real quality alternative.

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The OEM Division of Cojali gathers a wide range of valve products, clutch servos, brake levers, brake actuators, electric and electronic components and different repair kits. All of them can be customised and adapted to our customers' needs according to concrete specifications.

In this product line, we offer services for truck, trailer and agricultural vehicle manufacturers.

  • Valves: pedal, hand brake, relay, circuit protection, motor graders, solenoid valves, limiting, etc.
  • servos clutches
  • ABS-EBS brake actuators
  • Electrical and electronic components: modulators, sensors, actuators, etc.
  • Suspension and brake system
  • Repair kits

Advantages of having our products:



We are able to adapt our product to the specific needs and specifications of our manufacturers.


We provide solutions both for ABS and EBS product lines.


Around 30 years of experience on the market.

Extensive portfolio

Wide range of products in our portfolio, from the most modern systems and components, to the most conventional ones.


Capacity for testing and checking our units.

制動系統 制動系統

Pedal valves

Hand brake valves

Relay valves

Circuit protection valves

Leveling valves

Solenoid valves

Limiting valves

Servos clutches

ABS-EBS brake actuators

Electronic and electric components



Spring brakes

Suspension and brake system

Repair kits

制動系統 制動系統

With these products, thanks to our technology and our engineering team, we have been able to include in our portfolio more modern components and systems, as the EBS, opening the way for electronics but without putting aside the conventional origins of mechanical activation with which we still give solutions to our customers.

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In our OEM Division, we provide the manufacturers of commercial vehicle and agricultural and construction machinery with personalised services with our electronic products, customising our products according to our customers' needs.

For that, Cojali and its OEM Division have invested huge resources in Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I), which allows us to grow to be able to offer electronic components with the best quality and service.

In our wide range of products, we offer:

Electronic Components
Electronic Components

Door control panels.

ABS sensors.

Pressure switches.

Sensors for the level of temperature, pressure, oil and coolant.

Revolution sensors.

Brake caliper wearing sensors.

And much more…

All our products are subject to the strictest quality controls; therefore, they are totally suitable to be used by both big and small vehicle and machinery manufacturers, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency in their use.

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Cojali telematics and diagnostics solutions generate a huge amount of data through product improvement concepts. These data can include all the results of diagnostics operations and reading of the parameters registered by the electronic control units installed in the vehicles.

Big Data
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