The importance of the cooling system during summer periods

The importance of the cooling system during summer periods

In recent weeks and every year when summer comes, we are warned about the risks that high temperatures have for our health and the precautions we should take to spend these months with calm and without a hitch.

But, what effects can a heat wave or excessive temperature have on our vehicles, especially on large-size and commercial vehicles?

There is no doubt that these latter are subjected to overexertion during these months, being forced to do their usual working day facing temperatures above 40ºC, which means taking to the limit important systems such as the engine.

That is why at this period of the year, the proper operation of the cooling system is particularly important, since this system will be the responsible for dissipating the heat generated by high temperatures and ensuring that the vehicle faces them in the best possible conditions.

From Cojali, the leading company in the development of cooling systems, we give some tips to achieve this:

  1. Check the anti-freezing fluid and coolant fluid regularly.
  2. Make sure that the thermostat records the real temperature and activate the entire circuit.
  3. Check that the turn transmission to the fan clutch is in perfect condition.
  4. Pay attention to the water pump, important element so that the engine does not overheat.
  5. 5. Make sure that the clutch and fan set has all the certifications and has passed the quality standards enough for the proper operation in unfavourable conditions.

This fifth tip can be classified as one of the most critical and fundamental tips when preventing a major breakdown in the vehicle. For this reason, in Cojali we not only offer a wide variety of references for clutches and fans, but also, ensure the reliability and durability, since each product from factory is individually tested and certified by the manufacturer and the European Union.

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