Brake actuators and brake chambers verification

Brake actuators and brake chambers verification

Brake actuators and brake chambers are one of the most important components in a commercial vehicle braking system, which are responsible for applying the braking force to the wheels of the vehicle. This is achieved by employing pneumatic pressure or the elastic force of the internal springs they incorporate.

To verify the operation of these actuators, at Cojali we have a specific test bench, designed by our engineering team, which makes it possible to ensure that our actuators meet the braking force requirements of both the service brake and the parking brake.

Thanks to this test bench, it is possible to cover brake chambers and brake actuators of all formats present on the market (drum, disc, wedge, etc.). These specifications work according to SAE J1469 and DIN 74060-10 standards.

The control tests to which Cojali's products are subjected ensure the quality guarantee on our products that our customers deserve.

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