DID YOU KNOW?: Test Laboratory: Climatic chamber

DID YOU KNOW?: Test Laboratory: Climatic chamber

We bring you the new section “Did You Know?”! Every month we will provide you with interesting information about different aspects of our products that are designed by the Engineering Department and about the subsequent quality control tests to which they are subjected before being sent to our customers.

The Climatic Chamber is one of the two main machines that constitute the Cojali Test Laboratory, which is used to carry out product validations.

Its main function is to carry out tests under certain temperature and humidity conditions. In this way, it is possible to test each product reflecting real situations as, for example, if the product was in a truck in Russia suffering from the cold temperatures of -20º C, or in a position very close to the engine, reaching 100º C.

Humidity is also a very important factor to be taken into account in the design process of a product because components that work with compressed air can present operating errors in very high humidity conditions.

Cojali's climatic chamber is controlled by the ISO 16750 standard that regulates the climatic conditions for testing in the automotive sector.

Cámara climática1 Cámara climática1 Cámara climática1
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