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Cojali Cooling Systems Brochure
Learn more about our wide range of cooling systems products for commercial vehicles.
Cojali Air Brake Systems Brochure
Learn more about our wide range of air brake systems products for commercial vehicles.
Cojali Electric & Electronic Components Brochure
Learn more about our wide range of Electric & Electronic Components products for commercial vehicles.
Cojali Reman Brochure
Reconditioning of elements with electronic control subject to strict quality controls.
Cojali e-ABS Brochure
The Cojali e-ABS kit is an electronically-controlled pneumatic brake system for trailers and semi-trailers
Jaltest CV 手册
Truck, trailer, semi-trailer, bus, van… Jaltest is the benchmark multibrand diagnostic tool. The widest coverage, the most advance diagnostics tasks , technical information, workshop and fleet management…
Jaltest AGV小册子
Jaltest OHW brochure
The diagnosis tool for Off-Highway vehicles. Diagnostics, technical information, workshop management for construction vehicles, stationary engines, road cleaning vehicles, street sweepers…
Jaltest 船舶小册子
Jaltest 多品牌诊断仪对船舶的所有可能性,例如喷气式水艇、船外和船内的发动机。
Jaltest Tools Brochure
New Jaltest Tools products range, designed to provide the workshop with profesional and reliable equipment.
Jaltest ADAS Brochure
Jaltest ADAS Brochure
Jaltest Tools (PTE) Brochure
Jaltest Tools (PTE) Brochure
i-Parts ASSIST Brochure
i-PARTS Assist, Cojali's latest Parts Support Program aimed towards the workshop.
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Original part numbers are used so as to identify the products we sell, in the sole purpose of customers recognition of the items sold.
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