A Technological Partnership is born with a Global Aim

This tool, together with a comprehensive after-sales support service, will be distributed through the entire sales network of HİDROMEK whose objective will be to provide its customers with a complete, reliable and professional equipment.

Campo de Criptana, 15 May 2020 – The Spanish multinational COJALI, industry-leader in the development of components and technological solutions for the industrial automotive sector, through its OEM Solutions Division, and the global manufacturer of construction equipment, HİDROMEK, have announced today the beginning of a technological collaboration in the diagnostics and the after-sales support fields. Both companies, highly recognized players in their respective industries, will team up to provide the right diagnostics tools to HİDROMEK’s global sales and service network. This milestone establishes the beginning of a long-term partnership between the two companies, which intends to explore new opportunities in the coming years.

"At COJALI, we are committed to Innovation and Development, and this is what we offer our customers, helping them to achieve the best strategy for their business based on these two foundations," says Venancio Alberca, COJALI's CEO. "Because of this and of the great importance of HİDROMEK, we are truly satisfied with this agreement that will mean the beginning of a long way together."

On his behalf, Ahmet Bozkurt, General Manager of HİDROMEK points out that: “For 42 years, providing excellent service to our dealers and end customers has been an absolute priority for HİDROMEK. Although owned by the customers, we consider the machines sold as our property, hence we assume the full responsibility for fast, correct and efficient service and parts supply. In this line, the agreement reached with COJALI could be considered as a milestone bringing new standards in the industry.”


Cojali is a multinational manufacturer of components, diagnostic equipment and telematics solutions with cloud diagnostics for industrial, agricultural vehicles, special machinery and vessels. Based in Campo de Criptana, Spain, it has over 25 years’ experience in the sector and is currently a consolidated brand in over 110 countries worldwide.

Based on vast industry experience, COJALI stands ready to ensure its partners' total satisfaction, through unprecedented and technological Products, Solutions, Technical Support and Training Services.

Through its business division OEM Solutions, COJALI provides its know-how to customers and partners, helping them to create their own innovative product offerings that will shape the future of the industry. For more information, visit HİDROMEK, a globally known manufacturer of construction machinery, was founded in Ankara in 1978. With around 2000 employees today, HİDROMEK manufactures backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders and soil compactors in six production facilities including 4 factories in Ankara, 1 factory in İzmir and 1 factory in Thailand.

HİDROMEK, whose machines work in more than 100 countries on 6 continents, performs the management of international authorized dealers and provides sales and after-sales services through international sales and after-sales service centers such as HİDROMEK WEST in Barcelona, Spain, HİDROMEK RUSSIA in Krasnodar, Russia and HİDROMEK JAPAN in Sagamihara, Japan.

Creating the difference in the design of construction machinery, HİDROMEK has crowned its accomplishment with many awards. As of today, HİDROMEK is the winner of a total of 19 internationally prestigious design awards. For more information, visit www.hidromek.com.tr.

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